About Me.

I am a researcher, writer, and advisor working at the intersection of cultural institutions, arts and Web3. Working in partnership with the National Museums Liverpool and the University of Manchester, my PhD research explored the application of blockchain (specifically Non-Fungible Tokens, (NFTs)) in museum audience engagement practices and considered how this technology supports and/or disrupts concepts such as digital ownership, guardianship, authority, authenticity, and value. I use my experience and knowledge from this work to provide both formal and informal support and guidance to cultural organisations exploring NFTs and Web3.


My current interests focus on exploring the themes of Web3 to critically unpack questions around ownership, decolonisation, reciprocation, and digital 'thingness'. 


I am a part-time lecturer at University of Manchester in Cultural Practices, I teach modules including Arts Management, Business Strategies for the Arts, and Digital Heritage 


I have previously written for peer-review publications such as Museum & Society, and media such as Flash Art, Art Quarterly, Artnome, and Cultural Practices.