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Abstract Background


My work covers a wider range of areas focusing on the intersection of Web3, digital technologies, arts and cultural institutions. 



I provide consultancy services to cultural institutions and start-ups focusing primarily on web3 technologies and digital applications, this includes informal conversations and more formal workshops and reports. I have previously worked with Iconic Moments, Beaufort AG, Perception Codes, and Visioning Labs 



Using my skills and expertise as a research, I also provide evaluation services for arts organisations, events and other projects. I have previously provide external and internal reports for Manchester Histories Festival and The British Library.


Conferences & Networks 

I have organised and hosted multiple physical and online conferences, events, and networks. In 2020, I organised one of the first UK academic conferences to explore blockchain in the cultural sector. In 2022, I co-organised with Dr Quinn DuPont an online web3 workshop that brought together scholars from across academia to develop pedagogy and research questions to support this emerging field. I have also supported the Web3 Arts and Culture (WAC) network where I produced the online resource list for the network and acted as a mentor for the first iteration of the WAC fellowship programme.

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