Abstract Background


My work covers a wider range of areas focusing on the intersection of Web3, arts and cultural institutions. This includes providing both formal and informal advisory to cultural institutions and startups, independent research in this field, conference organisation, and research network building. Below are some examples of the type of projects I have worked on. 


Iconic Moments

Iconic Moments is an emerging NFT platform dedicated to cultural institutions. I have been working with the startup to develop their educational resources and thought leadership content. 


Researching Web3 Workshop 

I am working with Dr Quinn Dupont to lead the Researching Web3 Workshop, which is one of the first scholarly conferences dedicates to exploring Web3. This field-defining workshop brings together scholars from across academia to generate new research questions, learn about new and emerging technologies, and coordinate communities of practice. Supported by the Smart Contract Research Forum (SCRF)


Web3 Arts & Culture Network

Web3 Arts and Culture Network was developed in collaboration with We Are Museums, B.A.D Directory, and TZConnect. It brings together cultural institutional professionals, art market professionals, artists, and researchers to explore themes of Web3. I have developed a Wiki of resources for the platform and will be supporting the WAC Wednesday seminar sessions during the WAC fellowship (April - June 2022).



Perception Codes

Perception Codes is a Desktop Augmented Reality startup based in Thailand that provides cultural institutions with software that can create exhibitions that give the illusion of 3D imagery. My work with this company involved designing and facilitating a workshop with museum professionals to build potential partnerships and receive feedback on their product. I have also been a guest and a facilitator for a series of panel discussions and webinars for the company. 


Visioning Labs

Visioning Lab is a creative digital studio and consultancy company that explores emerging technologies. I worked with this company to provide a research report and recommendations on crypto and art NFT users including defining audience categories, potential target audiences for their NFTs, and relevant NFT art platforms. 


Collaboration Labs & British Library

Collaboration Labs is a programme to brings doctoral research outside academia to tackle business challenges and co-design solutions that make a difference for the wider community. In early 2021, I worked with colleagues and the British Library to develop a report that identified the barriers to digital engagement and opportunities to widen access to the British Library’s digital collections in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa.


Exploring Blockchain Conference 


In October 2020, I organised an online conference which explored the potential and challenges of blockchain technology in the cultural sector with a diverse set of speakers and over 150 registrants on Eventbrite spanning from across the world including India, Brazil, Canada, U.S, Nigeria, Australia, Finland, France, Germany, and the UK