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Abstract Background




1 / Panel Discussions

  • CIMAM Rapid Response Webinar 27th April 2023

  • Dcode Dataification of Values 24th March 2023

  • The Future of Museums Symposium 23rd February 2023

  • PlusTate IKT Session - 'The Role of NFTs in Cultural Institutions' 25th January 2023

  • Jing Culture & Crypto 'Delivering The Museum Experience Through NFTs' online, 28th July 2022)

  • XpoNorth (online, June 2022): NFT Panel

  • NFT.NYC (New York June 2022) 'Everyone is a Curator now: Curators as Investors in the NFT Landscape' (New York) 

  • SITEM (Paris, 29th June 2022) 'Seeing beyond NFTs - How Museums Are Riding the Wave Towards a Web3 Future?' (Paris)

  • IKLECTIK Art Lab Talks #1(London, May 2022): 'NFTs: Arts as a ‘token’ (London)

  • Y-Lab 'Blockchain and a History of the Future' (online, May 2022)

  • London Art Fair (London, April 2022) Panel Session: 'NFTs: From Museum to Market'

  • ARCs Conference (Virtual, November 2021) Panel Session: ‘Non-Fungible What Now!? Everything you don’t know about NFT Art’

  • Museum Association Conference (Liverpool, November 2021) Panel Session: ‘Why you need to know about NFTs’

  • EVA Conference (Virtual, July 2021) Panel Session: NFTs

  • MuseumNext Digital Summit (Virtual, June 2021) Panel Session: What Can NFTs do for Museums?

  • CADAF Conference (Virtual, June 2021) Panel Session: NFTs and Museums

  • DeFi Summit (Virtual, June 2021) Panel Session: NFT in the Cultural and Creative Sectors

  • Afrovalley Blockchain (Virtual, May 2021), Digital Assets & Cryptocurrency Panel Session: NFT – Hype or Hope?

2 / Conference Papers 

  • 'NFTs as a Social Practice: Exploring Tokenisation at National Museums Liverpool' The Art Museum in the Digital Age 2023 Conference 16th - 20th January 2023 (online: info here)

  • EVA Conference (Virtual, July 2020) ‘Blockchain and Digital ‘Thingness’: Exploring the opportunities and risks for museums’

  • Exploring Blockchain in the Cultural Sector Conference (Virtual, October 2020) ‘Tokens of Connections: Exploring how cryptocollectibles can be made meaningful’

  • MuseWeb Conference (Virtual, April 2020) ‘Could Blockchain Change the Nature of Ownership in the Museum?’

  • DCDC Conference (November 2019) ‘Blockchain and the Museum: Turning digital fragmentation into social value’

3 / Invited Talks
  • Access, Interaction, or Participation? Exploring the impact of blockchain on audience engagement practices, University of Bonn Paraverse seminar series 11th January 2024

  • When Museums Engage in Web3' Keynote Museums in the Era of Web3 Conference, 6th Sept 23 National Museum Zurich, Keynote Speaker

  • Designing For Shared Guardianship (June 2023) Design Research Lab

  • Crypto-Connecting Audiences: Could NFTs change how we consider ownership and connection in museums?’ (June 2021) Centre of Critical Studies in Museums, Galleries and Heritage, University of Leeds.

  • ‘Permanence & Provenance: Exploring blockchain’s challenge to authenticity in the digital museum space’ (October 2020) Digital Humanities Seminar Series, University of Manchester.

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