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2022 Media & Writing

How Might NFTs Support Viral Online Donation Campaigns? Iconic Moments 7 November 2022

Taking a Look at C00 NFTs Iconic Moments 4 October 2022

NFTs as a Museological Practices Iconic Moments 20 September 2022

Crowd-Patronage Iconic Moments 6 September 2022

'What Does Storytelling Mean in the Web3 Age? Iconic Moments 12 July 2022

Four Things Museums Can Learn from Web3 OG.Art 18 August 2022

NFTs and the Digital Democratization of Museums Right Click Save 23 May 2022

How Might Museums Interact with Non-Fungible Tokens to Connect with Audiences? Art Quarterly Spring 2022 Issue.

Rethinking Digital Originality Flash Art – Special Verbier Art Summit 2022 23 January 2022 

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